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Taha Plast Khawar Miana Commercial Company is the most effective company and advanced in selling and production of foam food containers which is established in Iran country in 2009 . After boycots/sanctions against Iran . moved to afghanistan in 2013 which its central Office is in Kabul the capital of afghanistan distributing food containers to all provinces of Afghanistan . Taha Plast Commercial Company is going to job opportunity by production and packing of different types of napkins and food containers in 2018 in Afghanistan , Because unemployment is the big part of problems in the country . taha plast Commercial Company is a private property which Ali Jan Yaree is the head and Mohammad Amiry as deputy registered . this company 's future vision is to provide job opportunity for the young generation to young generation from unemployment and the job opportunity is the high proirity of the company.

Taha Plast Khawar Miana Commercial Company The Best Company In Afghanistan

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TAHA plast produce Foam food container products with a good quality.
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